The FLCGA provides support and assistance for citizens and investigative journalists working to ensure government accountability and transparency

what we do

Public Records Assistance

The FLCGA provides assistance to citizens and journalists seeking access to government information. Such assistance may include drafting public record requests and responding to government responses to those requests with the goal of ensuring that those seeking access to government information are able to obtain public records in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Investigative Journalism

The FLCGA produces investigative journalism in multiple media (print/broadcast/podcasts) and partners as appropriate with other media outlets, platforms, and non-profits

Publicly accessible Vault

The FLCGA maintains a publicly accessible “vault” that hosts the documents obtained through its journalism and litigation. The FLCGA encourages non-affiliated journalists to deposit public record documents in the vault.

Enforcement Assistance

The FLCGA supports government accountability while engaging agencies throughout Florida on open-access issues, filing lawsuits to enforce compliance on our own or with partners when necessary. The FLCGA litigates open-records issues for FLCGA reporters, freelance journalists, and citizen watchdogs.