The FLCGA provides support and assistance for citizens and investigative journalists working to ensure government accountability and transparency

The Florida Center for Government Accountability gives citizens the necessary tools and information to engage government officials more effectively by helping them better understand what is happening in their local communities and the effect big money has on local politics. Traditional news outlets, particularly at the local level, face pressures never before seen and are increasingly unable to meet the informational needs of the public due to limited and dwindling resources.

Donors to Florida Center for Government Accountability’s support promoting greater civic engagement and informed discourse as a direct route to a better and more productive Florida. They play no role in guiding the journalism produced by FLCGA.

When it comes to our donors and sponsors, FLCGA is committed to full transparency. Current-year and all-time totals include both pledged and received gifts. Amounts listed are updated annually and are subject to change. If you have a question about an amount, please contact us. A list of FLCGA donors and sponsors is available by emailing