Advisory Board

The FLCGA provides support and assistance for citizens and investigative journalists working to ensure government accountability and transparency


Independent bookstore owner; former chief of staff to Gov. Jeb Bush

Media consultant and editor; executive director, Assignment:; journalist in residence, Colorado College

Episcopal priest, conservationist and lawyer; former prosecutor, public defender, judge and elected sheriff

Vice President of Conservation Policy of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation; former president and CEO of the Florida Wildlife Federation

Executive director for the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta

Retired news and opinion columnist, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Retired Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and former bureau chief, St. Petersburg Times

Founder, Women for a Better Lee

Retired publisher, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Public relations of National CASA/GAL Association for Children, former journalist and publisher

Retired lieutenant colonel, U.S. Special Forces; author and editor

Attorney and open government advocate; former journalist with The Associated Press

Attorney; open government litigator and activist